Outreach Committee Minutes

Outreach Committee Minutes – November 17th

1. Library Launch update
2. Newsletter
3. 302 space
4 Outreach beyond mcgill
5 Food politics week

1. The LL went sooooo great!

2. Newsletter: deadline next collective meeting (November 22nd) for collective to send in articles…
-we have 2 sort of submissions already!

zoe will ask daily if we can reprint stuff
kayleigh will buy a binder to put each issue of the newsletter into it, for the library
zoe and beth will compile it (established at last meeting!)

3. 302 space

sheesh, ssmu is getting slippery
In the SSMU minutes, it simply says “SSMU will support this”
Alex scheduled a meeting with Anushay for December 1st @ 4:30 to talk this through for real
-Zoe will ask MSA if they want to be in on the meeting

4. Outreach beyond mcgill

We’ve sort of distilled a few things that we think other groups outside mcgill might find useful in terms of working with us

-using our space! we do not have autonomous control of kitchen bookings, but we can fake it by booking it ourselves and letting other people use it
-groups to send folks to our servings

5. Put Your Politics Where Your Mouth Is!

We picked a date! March 14th-18th

what we want to include
-kitchen table talk (Kali is contacting the regional person for this?)
-Folks from St. Remi migrant worker support centre (Alex will contact the person he knows)
-Jardin de La Resistance (Poya?)
-Non-university soup kitchen
-A panel with the above folks!
-Movie: “A Small Place” – Jamaica Kincaid – collaboration with Cinema Politica?
-kitchen workshops! (campus crops?)

Kayleigh will make a google doc for brainstorming
Zoe will contact the PIRGS to see if there are any major reasons why this date is bad


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