The Midnight Kitchen is hiring

****Please Circulate Widely****

Midnight Kitchen is a collective of folks committed to changing the way our current food systems work. Towards that goal, we operate a daily, pay-what-you-can, vegan lunch service in the Shatner building and cater conferences and events with groups whose politics jive with ours. In addition to food, we produce zines, and other sorts of propaganda materials designed to educate both those who eat at our servings and others interested in food politics. We receive our funding from a student levy through the Students Society of McGill University. Some of this funding goes towards four paid positions for which we are currently hiring. The positions are: outreach coordinator, volunteer coordinator, administrative coordinator and pickup coordinator/driver. These positions are open to all.

Midnight Kitchen recognizes and welcomes the unique contributions that individuals from marginalized and oppressed communities bring to our organization, and invites these individuals to apply.  We encourage applicants to describe the unique contributions they, as individuals with diverse experiences, would bring to the Midnight Kitchen in their cover letter or CV.


*All of the positions are full academic year, part-time positions starting September 1, 2011 and ending in April 2012. *

*Applications are due WEDNESDAY August 3, 2011 by midnight.*

*Only applicants accepted for interview will be contacted. *

*Send your CV and cover letter or any questions to mk.hiring.committee@gmail.com *

*NOTE: Please indicate on your cover letter if you would be wanting, willing, or not able to split a position with another person (i.e. 7.5-9 hours per week)

I.  Outreach Coordinator -15-18 hrs/week, $9216 stipend

This position is responsible for…

* holding (and attending) outreach committee meetings

* archiving outreach committee minutes, keeping them available for general collective use

* regularly updating Midnight Kitchen website

* working with outreach committee to generate political strategy and coordinate events

* keeping updated outreach materials available for servings and political events

* bottom-lining the outreach committee:  delegates outreach and organizing tasks with the goal of building skills among the collective membership

* working with volunteer coordinator to put together cooking/cleaning schedule

* keeping in contact with vendors and donors (food), writing the occasional thank-you note to build and maintain strong relationships

* networking with other organizations

* organizing workshops/events related food politics

* reporting to the collective at meetings re: political work/networking

*Working with other paid positions/collective for support and accountability

* Checking the email account regularly

* is NOT the consistent public face of the organization

We are looking for someone who is:

-knowledgeable of (radical) food politics

-outgoing and organized

-creative and flexible

-bilingual (an asset)

II.  Volunteer Coordinator (this is an “entry-level” position; individuals with little experience are encouraged to apply to this job)

-15-18 hrs/week, $9216 stipend

This position is responsible for…

* working with outreach coordinator to create and update work schedules

* keeping track of who works what and when, keeping this information available in order to facilitate movement of volunteers to collective membership

* working with outreach coordinator on outreach and political materials with an eye towards generating new volunteers and keeping current volunteers happy and busy

* making sure that new volunteers are welcomed (that they come back and feel appreciated)

* working with outreach committee on political campaigns, campus and community outreach

* focusing more on on-campus connections and networking, helping with on-campus tabling

* working with Administrative Coordinator to deal with finances/SSMU/QPIRG

* reporting to collective at meetings re: volunteer situation/recruitment

*Working with other paid positions/collective for support and accountability

* Checking the email account regularly


We are looking for someone who is:

-extremely approachable and friendly

-takes initiative, forthcoming

-thoughtful, inclusive

-excellent communicator

-good with names (is a plus!)

-bilingual (an asset)

III.  Administrative Coordinator-15-18 hrs/week, $9216 stipend

This position is responsible for…

* keeping finances organized and transparent

* working with at least one other (non-paid) collective member in a financial committee of sorts (i.e. give this person access to accounts and include them in correspondence).

* keeping an inventory of cooking materials

* dealing with SSMU/QPIRG concerning money

* working with other paid staff to coordinate and keep track of food orders

* working with Outreach Committee to carry out political goals, and to help generate promotional/propaganda materials

* helping with day coordination/cooking

* reporting to the collective at meetings re: finances

*Working with other paid positions/collective for support and accountability

* Checking the email account regularly

We are looking for someone who is:

-good with numbers, accounting

-knowledgeable of SSMU finances and administration (asset)

-open and honest


-bilingual (asset)

Pickup Coordinator/Drive- 6 hours/week, $3072 Annual Stipend

This position is responsible for…

*Driving to MK food pickup locations, and delivering food to SSMU three times per week

* Liasing with collective to ensure that all pickups occur as scheduled

* Working with outreach coordinator(s) to communicate with donors and maintain positive relationships

We are looking for someone with…

– A Valid Drivers’ license

– Access to a vehicle of sufficient size for the three weekly pickups

– Ability to lift boxes that weigh approximately 20lbs (on average)

– Bilingualism (an asset)

***This call-out is only in English because all hired individuals must be proficient in reading, writing and speaking in English***


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