Put Your Politics Where Your Mouth Is! 2012

February 27th to March 2nd
At Concordia and McGill campuses
A conference linking food politics and the student movement.
Presented by Midnight Kitchen and People’s Potato.


Descriptions and locations will be updated as they are confirmed.

Monday, February 27th
1pm Fermentation
—–Midnight Kitchen–room 304–SSMU Building–3480 McTavish
This workshop will cover some of the basic principles of fermenting foods for preservation and taste. The plan is to guide people through the process (making sauerkraut and beer!) and discussing various ways that fermentation can be made DIY and cheap

3pm The History of the Midnight Kitchen
—–room 302–SSMU Building–3480 McTavish
Last summer a history of the Midnight Kitchen was compiled into a zine, “What’s Cooking Good Looking?.” This workshop will cover the history of MK, its roots and the ways in which it has changed over time. One of the editors of the zine will lead a discussion on the processes of archiving the everyday activities of radical and anti-capitalist groups, and will outline some of the archiving methods used to collect these often ephemeral and overlooked moments. We will highlight the ways in which archiving collective history can add new meaning to work otherwise invisibilized in a society that focuses on economic gain and prestige. Remembering and sharing our collective experiences are an important element in the ongoing strategies of creating alternatives outside of capitalism. There will also be a short film about MK called “Justice is Served.

5pm Dinner and Discussion
—–Midnight Kitchen–room 304–SSMU Building–3480 McTavish
Tuesday, February 28th
1pm Intro to Herbal First Aid
—–UGE–room 413–Shatner Building–3480 McTavish
Learn some basics about how to deal with a range of common health problems using herbs and other plant materials you might just have in your house.

3pm Gluten-Free Baking
—–People’s Potato Kitchen–7th floor–Hall Building
Come by the People’s Potato to learn about the mysteries of (delicious!) gluten-free vegan baking. This workshop will include info & discussion as well as hands-on baking practice. We will be making bread, banana muffins and black bean brownies.

5pm Dinner and Discussion
—–Midnight Kitchen–room 304–SSMU Building–3480 McTavish
Wednesday, February 29th
10am Radical Walking Tour of McGill

1pm A Practical Workshop on Internet Security
——Lev Bukhman–room 203–SSMU Building–3480 McTavish
presented by Anarchist Tech Support
A discussion of the importance of (tech) security, touching on issues of Necessity, Solidarity, Counter-insurgency, and Corporate Data-Mining. Followed by a practical workshop explaining some tools that we can use on computers: Online anonymization (firefox add-ons, VPN, Tor);
Encrypted communications (GPG email, OTR instant messaging, ZRTP voip);
System security (various things).

3pm The History of the People’s Potato
—–People’s Potato Kitchen–7th floor–Hall Building
A look at the back story of the Potato, its mandate and its present structure

5pm Dinner and Discussion

7pm The ABC’s of Occupation
—–room 433a–SSMU Building–3480 McTavish
This workshop will provide a space to explore the political and tactical argument for occupations as a form of direct action, and go through some concrete steps for planning, carrying out, and following through with different sorts of occupations. From no-nonsense lockdowns to theatrical office visits, come learn and share your experiences of occupations!
Thursday, March 1st
1pm Prisons, Food, and Hunger Strikes
—–QPIRG Concordia–1500 de Maisonneuve West–suite 204
This workshop will be divided into three sections, each presented by a different person involved with prisoner support work in Montreal. The topics that will be covered include: the state of food in Quebec’s prison systems; the prison-food industry in the United States and Canada; and the 2011 California prisoner hunger strikes.
Snacks will be provided!

3pm Don’t cha put it in your mouth: food and social control
—–Breakout room–2nd floor–SSMU Building–3480 McTavish
As children we were told not to put things in our mouths until we checked with a grown-up if it was okay to eat (like a muffin or a beet). This was probably good advice. This advice is less than prudent when it applies to letting government professionals and greedy corporate big shots control what we eat, and in turn, control many other facets of our lives. This presentation and discussion will focus on the many ways that the state and large corporations control what is considered food through the process of commodification, as well as some of the ways we culturally regulate what is considered food. We will also explore some fun ways that we can de-commodify food, defy the stupid grown-ups telling us not to eat candy off the floor, and learn that we can actually feed and care for ourselves.
5:30pm Dinner and Discussion

6:30pm Witch-hunting, enclosure and the ongoing war against women
——-People’s Potato Lounge–7th Floor–Hall Building–Concordia University–1455 de Maisonneuve West–métro Guy-Concordia——————————————————————-
Presented in collaboration with QPIRG Concordia
Silvia Federici will discuss themes from her book “Caliban and the Witch”, as well as her further research and writings on enclosures and the war against women.
Friday, March 2nd
1pm Fatphobia and its intersections
—–UGE–room 413–SSMU Building–3480 McTavish
This workshop will provide an introduction to fatphobia and look at how it intersects with other forms of oppression. We will also attempt to debunk/discuss some myths surrounding fatness.

3pm Neoliberalism and McGill
—–room 433a–SSMU Building–3480 McTavish



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