Midnight Kitchen is working on its first ever summer newsletter, and we’re looking for your contributions (due by 18 July 2012)!


our newsletter is basically a submission-based zine that gives us the chance to take further steps outside of the kitchen, to reflect on our c…onnections with other community and activist groups, as well as larger social, political, and environmental struggles. so, submit!

** follow-up on student and social strikes,
occupations & the anti-austerity movement…
the most recent issue of the MK newsletter (march 2012) focused on student strikes and occupations, and we’d like to follow up on this! so much has taken place in montreal over the last four months…we’re looking for submissions that can help us remember what happened (from “big” moments to small details) and assess what has changed.

share your personal reflections, anxieties, excitement, milestones & photographs; your critical analyses; your favorite (& least favorite, or most absurd) articles on the strike and the new laws; stories of being arrested & dealing with the cops; that time you got to hug anarcopanda; the strike’s relationship to intersecting forms of anti-oppression; your thoughts on the diversity of tactics; your ideas on where this is all heading & how we can get there; share whatever else you think is relevant.

other possible contributions for this issue:
– call outs and project descriptions: things planned for this fall & the coming year
– examples of nonhierarchical/grassroots food initiatives and their history/current struggles to retake food production and distribution: logistics and obstacles
– your experiences of eating Midnight Kitchen food at political events! (remember that delicious cake at that really long meeting?)
– your thoughts on the role of food in radical organizing
– perspectives on food politics, industry and access to food
– food and decolonization and occupation movements
– local spaces, their design and use
– prisons and food and/or hungerstrikes
– diy skillshares and instructables
– art that photocopies well
– recipes

some things that have appeared in former issues:
– activities happening in and around the kitchen & stories about the kitchen
– descriptions of movements trying to get community space
– re-printed articles about contemporary events
– the difficulties and values of finding food for free in the city
– analyses of architecture and city planning under the current greenwashing trend

if you have no history with MK you should still submit!!!!
please forward this to interested or interesting people!
submit stuff you already wrote for something else!
submit short statements on things & your favorite recipes!
submit anonymously if need be!

send submissions to midnightkitchencollective@gmail.com
*** the newsletter will be done by the end of the summer!



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