“Motion Regarding Daily Publications Society Winter 2013 Referendum Question Endorsement:

Whereas the Daily Publication Society (DPS) is an independent, not-for profit, student-run organization that publishes The McGill Daily and Le Délit;

Considérant que Le Délit est le seul journal étudiant francophone de McGill;

Whereas, for more than 100 years and 35 years respectively, The McGill Daily and Le Délit have provided a forum for students to express their opinions and keep informed of important campus events;

Whereas all registered students on the downtown campus except for students in the School of Continuing Studies, and students in Graduate Medicine and Dentistry are members of the DPS; 

Whereas the DPS hosts annual general meetings every Spring, in which any and all DPS members can propose changes to the society or constitution, as well as raise questions about both publications;

Whereas both newspapers welcome writing and artistic contributions from the entire McGill 

Considérant qu’aucune expérience précédente n’est nécessaire afin de participer aux deux journaux;

Whereas McGill does not have a journalism program and The McGill Daily and Le Délit provide a journalistic learning environment, exposure and training for design and publishing software, and an annual journalism week, all of which can lead – and have led – to future employment;

Considérant qu’une presse libre et critique est essentielle à une communauté étudiante active et à une 
saine démocratie;

Whereas both papers are supported by a non-opt outable student DPS fee of $6 per undergraduate student per fall and winter term and $3.35 per graduate student per fall and winter term, without which both papers would cease to exist at McGill;

Resolved, that the Midnight Kitchen Collective endorse a “yes” vote to the DPS existence referendum question in the winter 2013 Referendum.

Resolved, that starting january 18th this endorsement will be  posted prominently on the Midnight Kitchen website during the campaign period from 9am on Jan 18, 2013, until 5pm on Jan 31, 2013.

Moved by: the Midnight Kitchen Collective


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