People of Colour and Indigenous Peoples Zine Making party!

This Friday, May 10th
3755 Wellington (near Lasalle metro)
5-9 pm

At the last Midnight Kitchen POC and Indigenous peoples potluck, we expressed interest in hanging out more and doing projects together. The IPOCs of MK are hosting a zine making party! This session, we will be for writing or making artwork etc to put into the zine. This will be a fun work party and potluck where we can have another opportunity to hangout and work on something together. We’ll have a follow up session later to do the layout if you can’t make it to this one.
And if you can’t come, you can also submit something on your own time!


Bring art supplies if needed, but we’ll also have gluesticks and sharpies! 

Bring laptops if you’d prefer to type out your writing!

Ideas for the zine:
– The importance of POC spaces
– Reconciling respecting our cultures and community while also being critical of it
– Personal narratives about growing up racialized
– POC and radical politics
– Why it’s important for POC to be anti-capitalist
– Calling out racism/microaggressions
– Growing up in an immigrant family
– Tokenization/Fetishization
– POC organizing – our definitions of it
– etc. etc. etc.

*You can also submit work that has been previously published in other places, as well!

*******This is a space for self-identified people of colour, indigenous people, and non-white people ONLY. We are asking white allies not to come, but to help us spread the word amongst their friends and networks. *


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