Cat in pile of clothes

Swap & Collective Kitchen

The McGill Family Care Program, First Peoples’ House and the Midnight Kitchen are pleased to invite you to our first ever clothing swap & collective kitchen! Everyone is welcome!

The idea is this: Bring any of your clothes (or other small items) that you don’t wear/use anymore but are still in good condition to swap with others. Similar to shopping, just for free! Kids clothes and adult clothes as well as any other small household or baby items! Please bring your items to the Ballroom on the 3rd floor of the SSMU building on Sunday, November 22nd as early as 11am. The swapping will begin at 12pm until 3:30pm

Everyone is encouraged to come early so that we have a lot of items to swap. If you bring two bags full of stuff, you can leave with up to two bags full of stuff. Anything left will be donated.

The McGill Family Care Program and Midnight Kitchen are pleased to invite you to our Collective Kitchen happening on the same day! The Midnight Kitchen will provide parents with some reusable containers, information on the collective kitchen and will be there to assist throughout the process. Our goal is to make enough family meals to last you at least 5 days!

Childcare provided! Child-friendly, breastfeeding friendly! Family friendly!


Please email Tanya Lalonde, Family Resources Coordinator at if you are interested in participating




We acknowledge SSMU (Students’ Society of McGill University) as the official sponsor of this event.