Put Your Politics Where Your Mouth Is

Hey friends, lovers, haters, movers, shakers, and landscapers:

The Midnight Kitchen is starting to organize the annual event series Put Your Politics Where Your Mouth Is and we’d really like to do this year justice (pun intended!!!) with up to a week’s worth of free or pay-what-you-can events featuring food, discussion, and learning in many different forms. You will find information about the accessibility of our organizing and prospective events at the very end of this email.

You’re getting this callout because we’re looking for people who’d be willing to join a small collectively-run committee and participate as they’re are able in the visioning and planning of this event. Non-students, non-academics, and people without previous organizing experience of *all* ages are expressly welcomed and encouraged to join us.

We don’t have a specific theme for the series yet, but Put Your Politics Where Your Mouth Is (PYPWYMI) is generally about linking food with social and environmental justice. (Recent-past focuses have been on austerity/unions and race/colonialism, but neither of these (especially the latter) are precluded from further discussion.)

We want to work with folks currently working on, having cool thoughts about, or wanting to learn anything related to the politics of food, food access / distribution / service, food and colonialism, white supremacy, fatphobia / sizeism, environmental justice through an anticapitalist, antiracist, queer, feminist lens… if any of these “buzzwords” are clicking with what you do or what you think about – please consider being part of this with us!

**For any interested folks who either want to share their ideas, guide us towards a theme or focus, create one or more elements of the programming, shoot spitballs at us through a plastic straw, etc. PLEASE EMAIL BY SATURDAY 6 FEBRUARY AT 5PM midnightkitchencollective@gmail.com with the subject “PYPWYMI Committee” and you will be sent a Doodle (scheduling program) link including day-time and night-time slots for all the days of the second week of February so that we can schedule a first meeting knowing the availabilities of the people who want to be involved. If you wish to e-mail in ideas but don’t want to join the committee or be sent the meeting Doodle that’s cool too, but just let us know. If you have any questions, feel free to ask!**

Language note: Our collective as a whole is most comfortable organizing in written or verbal English, but we highly encourage and would like to support programming that occurs partially or totally in other languages (including but not limited to Kanien’kehá:ka, French, Spanish, ASL, and LSQ).

MK seeks to organize accessibly and only host or participate in events that are as accessible as they can be.

Because our collective includes a wheelchair user (amongst other folks with various needs and desires), all organizing meetings and PYPWYMI events will be held in locations with step-free access and with other accommodations available to increase the comfort and ability to participate of disabled people, parents, children, non-students, folks strapped for cash, people who need gender-neutral washrooms and/or a space that doesn’t check ID, and those with dietary restrictions.

We are able to compensate for transport costs.
We often provide snacks at our meetings.
People Skyping in to our meetings is a normal occurrence.
We encourage text-based communication in person or from home.
One of our collective members has an basic ability to communicate in ASL.

We look forward to working with and learning from you!

~ Remember to email midnightkitchencollective@gmail.com BY SATURDAY 6 FEBRUARY AT 5PM with the subject “PYPWYMI Committee” if you want to be a part of our first (to be scheduled) meeting! ~