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Kitchen Bookings – WARNING

As some of you certainly know, MK’s kitchen can be booked by groups organizing various events. The process is simple, you submit a Kitchen Booking Request Form (which can be found here), you agree to our terms and conditions, and if the kitchen is free (aka not used by us or another group on that day), we then submit your request to SSMU.

We have a few (6 to be precise) yet simple rules.


  1. Ever bring peanuts or nuts into the kitchen — THIS IS A NUT-FREE KITCHEN to ensure that MK meals are not contaminated, which could cause severe allergic reactions.
  2. Bring, cook, bake with or otherwise use any PEANUTS or NUTS in the kitchen, even if you bring your own equipment and supplies.
  3. Use ANY of our equipment for cooking with PEANUTS or NUTS nor MEAT or DAIRY or OTHER ANIMAL PRODUCTS.
  4. Use any food you find in the cupboards, drawers, fridge or on the shelves without contacting us (including SPICES, OILS, DRY GOODS, etc.)
  6. Leave anything in the kitchen, unless given special permission by The Midnight Kitchen. IF given special permission, all your food/other items must be labeled and stored in a designated area. Otherwise, we will immediately throw away all food/other items that we find in the kitchen that do not belong to the Midnight Kitchen.

We expect that for any issues arising that are not covered in these 6 simple rules, common sense and respect of the space will be driving principles that will determine your course of actions.

Easy, right? Err, WRONG.

We are getting increasingly frustrated with the careless use of the kitchen by groups who book it (both regularly and/or occasionally). These are some of the issues we have encountered so far:

  1. When the kitchen is booked, especially over the week-end, we often find our food supplies (specifically dry goods, oils, and spices) significantly low the day after – THIS IS NOT COOL.
  2. We often find the kitchen messy and dirty after a kitchen booking, with dirty dishes and bowls left there for us to clean, garbage not disposed properly, etc. – THIS IS ALSO NOT COOL.
  3. We have noticed a complete lack of accountability from the groups in question, as nobody has come forward to apologize for the mess they left and to rectify the situation.  – THIS IS REALLY NOT COOL.

As such, we are sending out a warning.

First we want to remind you of our kitchen rules, which you AGREE to when making Kitchen Booking request. Not knowing about our kitchen rules will NOT be accepted as an excuse.

Then we want to let you know that, especially for week-end bookings, if no report is made prior to Mondays at 8am and if when we come-in we find the kitchen a mess, we will consider all groups that booked the kitchen over the week-end responsible. When you arrive to the kitchen, you will find it clean and tidy, and you are expected to leave it as such. If you find it messy, it’s likely because another group who booked the kitchen before you left it a mess. YOU HAVE TO REPORT IT TO US. If you don’t, you will be held accountable as well.

This is not meant to antagonize groups against each other, but given that so far there has been no accountability what-so-ever on the part of the responsible groups, we need to take measures to identify the culprits. Groups that are considered responsible will be temporarily banned from the kitchen, and the more times you get banned, the longer it will last each time.

It sucks to have to take such an authoritarian route, but this is not just a food safety issue, it is also a matter of respect. It might be fun to book our kitchen to make food for your event, but at the end of the day it is also our workplace and we are sick of having to clean after other people with whom we share our space.


– Midnight Kitchen