Want to get down and green? Join Us in a Collective Garden!

garden.jpgWith snow still falling it might not feel like spring has totally sprung yet,
but it’s high time to start thinking green!…

(…i know it’s april but not that kind of green!)

for real though is the greenest thing in your life right now the mold in your refrigerator??? good thing MK is starting to plan our summer garden for the second year, but hopefully bigger and better than last time!do you not have the space or knowledge or time to garden at home or by yourself?
do you know lots about container gardening and want to come by and show us your coolest tricks?
do you want to bring your kids to stick their hands in a bunch of dirt and eventually eat the fruit of a seed they planted?
do *you* want to stick your hands in a bunch of dirt?
if any of these things apply, consider being a part of a small group who will work (and play!) together to grow lots of fresh food and herbs (and maybe even tea!) in the middle of downtown throughout the spring and summer.

[we acknowledge that our garden plot is located on unceded kanienke;haka territory. because of midnight kitchen’s commitment to anti-colonialism as well as harm-reduction as much as and where possible, we will be choosing which plants to grow with care and sensitivity with an emphasis on native species. we welcome questions / concerns / comments as well as skill- or knowledge-sharing contrbutions related to any part of our project.]

last summer, at least once most things were ready to eat, we were having garden-side picnics every friday afternoon…. ripping kale out of planters with our hands and massaging, sitting there in the hot sun…….. drinking freshly squeezed lemonade……… my mouth is watering just thinking about it

we welcome gays, babies, animals, and especially gay baby animals….. but in all seriousness, we attempt to welcome and center racialized people (black folks, indigenous folks, and other people of color), lgbpq+ people, trans and gender non-conforming people, disabled people, poor and working-class people, parents and children, and all others who are marginalized, stigmatized, and controlled by power who share our values!

if you are are interested in tentatively being a part of this (the first thing you would be receiving is an email about a first meeting / info session), then send an email with the subject SUMMER GARDENING COLLECTIVE to midnightkitchencollective@gmail.com by April 22nd. feel free to include any questions or comments you have!

accessibility concerns: last year our plot was located up an absolutely atrocious flight of stairs (which caused big problems for the author of this email). we do not have a plot officially assigned and will try to have ground-level plants if at all possible, but the distribution of plots is not under our control. please don’t hesitate to get in touch with any requests or questions you might have about location or accessibility.

remember that we also run a food bank in the summer so stay tuned for updates about that!

“knowledge is… knowing that both bell peppers and chili peppers are berries, knowing that an eggplant is a berry too, but wisdom is… wisdom is knowing that not one of them… belongs in a fruit salad.” *exhales* *coughs*

hope the days are treating you well,