MK is Hiring a Driver!

Pickup Coordinator/Driver

The Midnight Kitchen is a collective of staff and volunteers dedicated to serving good food to as many people as possible. We aim to provide a working alternative to capitalist methods of food collection and distribution and to provide popular education about issues of food and social (in)justice. We recognize that many of the problems with food production and distribution are reflective of and connected to larger systems of oppression. By reclaiming control over the distribution of food in our communities we are acting in the pursuit of social and environmental justice and will support others who share these goals.

We are currently hiring for a driver position. The driver does weekly pick-ups from Moisson Montreal, but we will also contact you about once monthly to do other driving as determined by the collective’s needs and your schedule.

We conduct hiring on the basis of employment equity. Employment equity is designed to compensate for the nonexistence of a level playing field with regards to people’s experiences and job qualifications, given the structural injustices that affect marginalized groups. These groups include but are not limited to: indigenous people, black people, people of color, women, queer / LGB+ people, trans people, disabled people, people living in poverty, and immigrants (especially those with precarious status).

If you wish to be considered for employment equity, include the following sentence in your cover letter: “I would like to be considered for employment equity.” Please note that we do not require applicants to specify the basis on which they are applying for employment equity; you do not need to disclose your reasons.

Wage is $15/hr, $.54 per km driven.

To apply please send your CV and a short cover letter to mkhiring2016@gmail.com with the subject line “Driver Application” by Saturday September 24th at midnight. The ideal start date is Monday Oct 3rd.

Tasks include:

  • Driving to Moisson Montreal, collecting food donations, and delivering it to the Midnight Kitchen once a week
  • Doing other driving based on organizational needs as determined by the collective (normally to Aubut, about once a month)
  • Liaising with the Midnight Kitchen collective to ensure that all pick-ups occur as scheduled
  • Working with the Midnight Kitchen collective to communicate with Moisson MTL and maintain positive relationships

Desired Skill-set:

  • Valid Drivers’ license
  • Access to a vehicle of sufficient size for the weekly pick-ups
  • Ability to lift boxes that weigh approximately 40lbs
  • General knowledge of food justice and anti-oppression
  • Bilingualism (an asset)