Solidarity Servings

The Midnight Kitchen collective is interested in providing food to political and community-based events that are in keeping with our political mandate. Our aim in providing food to these events is to show solidarity with and provide material support to the initiatives behind them.

Please note that we do not offer catering services and our solidarity servings are not free catering. Rather, solidarity servings are meant to support groups with limited financial means, helping them make their events more accessible.

We only provide servings for events happening in wheelchair accessible venues. Excepts to this policy are extremely rare. If you need funding to be able to book an accessible venue, apply for our Accessibility Fund!

If your group is able to afford catering for your event, check out the list of Rad Caterers that we’ve compiled!

If you think your group/event fits within this description, please fill out the form below at least two weeks in advance.

Important note: while the university centre undergoes renovations, servings will be picked up from our temporary kitchen in St Henri, at 137 rue St Ferdinand

>Solidarity Serving Request Form<

Some events we’ve provided Solidarity Servings for:

  • Congress of Black Writers and Artists
  • CKUT’S homelessness marathon
  • Radical Frosh, organized by QPIRG-McGill
  • Status For All! March
  • ASSTeQ weekly drop-in
  • Project 10 Queer and Trans Youth Drop in
  • Anti-Colonial Dinner
  • Sisters in Motion